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In today's celebrity culture, glittering white, perfectly straight and even smiles are the norm. But a perfect smile doesn't have to be just for the stars. Many people who believe they have a deficient smile, perhaps because their teeth are stained or uneven, can be reluctant to show off their teeth.


We want you to know that there are plenty of options out there to help you feel more confident.  





Dr Haber, will improve your teeth by utilizing the latest dental techniques in Cosmetic Dentistry, including Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Crowns, Teeth Whitening and White Fillings.

Dr Haber will always answer all of your questions and explain to you all of your different treatment options. 



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(The greatest breakthrough in the history of dentistry)

While most people think of veneers as a single treatment, there are actually several different types of veneers available. These range from the higher-end permanent solutions like No Prep Veneers, Lumineers®, Emax® Veneers, Bruxzir® Veneers, EmpressÀšÃ‚® porcelain veneers, to the temporary cosmetic solutions like snap on veneers.

Cosmetic dentistry can be achieved by bleaching your teeth, and placing either 4 , or 8, or 10 veneers. Veneers are one of the most popular treatments for changing the overall appearance of your smile, and they are incredibly effective.

Porcelain, Emax, or Zirconia veneers are usually the most expensive option, but the beautiful effect they can have on a person's smile makes them well worth the investment.


Dr Haber will create ceramic veneers specifically for your teeth and will be custom tailored to your individual teeth color and shape. Ceramic Veneers are not a 'one size fits all ' product.


A smile makeover is a big decision that is not to be taken lightly. The simple truth is that quality comes with experience and cost. Dr Haber have the cosmetic background and experience to handle a large veneers smile makeover, one of the most difficult dental procedures.



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Zirconia is a crystalline dioxide of zirconium that is the strongest ceramic in the dental market today. Zirconia restorations require no to minimal tooth preparation. Zirconia restorations can be used in areas with limited bite space as they offer high resistance to chipping and breaking. If you suffer from bruxism, restorations made of zirconia might be the best choice for you. BruxZir® Solid Zirconia, by Glidewell Lab, is one of many examples of zirconia restorations.








(Cerinate Veneers)

Porcelain veneers that do not require removal of painful tooth structure.

LUMINEERS BY CERINATE is a terrific cosmetic solution for permanently stained, chipped, discolored, misaligned teeth, or even to revitalize old crown and bridgework. LUMINEERS BY CERINATE® is a porcelain veneer that can be made as thin as a contact lens and is placed over existing teeth without requiring painful removal of sensitive tooth structure .

LUMINEERS® can only be made from patented Cerinate® porcelain. This revolutionary porcelain is crafted through a proprietary process unavailable anywhere other than the Cerinate Smile Design Studios owned by Den-Mat Corporation.






Emax®  Veneers 

Dental professionals are often faced with challenging cases, cases that require the dentist and the technician to balance both strength and esthetic demands. This often requires multiple substructure materials and multiple systems. As a result, it is difficult to fabricate restorations and create a lifelike smile with a consistent vitality.

Now, with e.max the dentist and the dental technician can work in partnership to restore even the most challenging cases using one high strength conventionally cementable all ceramic system.


- Patients will benefit from a highly esthetic smile.
- High-strength material options
- One layering of ceramic for outstanding esthetics
- Conventionally cementable
- Press and CAD/CAM fabrication options
- Ideal for combination cases



IPS e.max can be pressed to as thin as 0.3 mm for veneers. If sufficient space is present, IPS e.max can be placed over the existing teeth without the removal of any tooth structure. Depending on the case requirements, however, some teeth may need to be prepared to accommodate for the thickness of the ceramic and to ensure for proper contour and emergence profile.




Empress® Esthetic Veneers  (porcelain veneers)


The new IPS Empress Esthetic Veneers offer higher esthetics, enhanced properties, and effectiveness for the staining technique of the layered veneers. The result is an extremely homogeneous ceramic which features nature light scattering and offers a balanced chameleon effect, the veneers blend beautifully into their surrounding.


More tooth reduction is required. The dimension of the incisal reduction depends on the desired degree of translucency of the incisal area to be restored. The more transparent the incisal edge of the veneer should appear, the more reduction is required. An incisal reduction of at least 1 mm is recommended. The minimum preparation thickness is approx. 0.6 - 1 mm depending on the preparation technique chosen. Discolored teeth may require more extensive reduction to allow for adequate masking. The IPS Empress Veneer is less wear resistant than the e.max veneer and can break if you are a heavy clencher and a night grinder.



Davinci® Veneers

a. Ultra-thin shells of tooth-colored ceramics.
b. Needs some tooth preparation.


Durathin® Veneers
are very thin porcelain veneers designed to adhere directly to the front of the teeth without removing any enamel!





MAC® Veneers (Micro Advanced Cosmetic Division Veneers)

a. Produced by MicroDental laboratory
b. Made from pressed ceramic
c. Stronger, denser, and thicker than traditional porcelain veneers, therefore, they are not easily dislodged
d. Stain resistant
e. Needs tooth preparation








Veneers can be made of composites too. Composites are typically used to fix cosmetic issues, such as large fillings, chipped or cracked teeth, slightly crooked teeth or to fill small gaps between front teeth.


Clear Correct

Composite Veneers are less expensive than the porcelain veneers, and involve a far shorter treatment period.
The treatment can usually be completed in a single visit, although it may be a longer appointment than normal.
Composite veneers require regular polishing more often to keep them looking great, and as long as your daily dental hygiene is good they should last a long time. Composite veneers cost about half as much as porcelain veneers and can be completed in one day.



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I love creating smiles, it is my passion. To think that so many people smile with their lips closed, hold a hand over their smile or turn their head to hide their smile is just terribly sad...Don't let the fear of pain or discomfort prevent you from receiving the dental care you deserve.









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